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Why Can’t I Get Out Of My Granny Pants?

Before I was pregnant, like most women, I had an array of sexy lingerie. Nothing crazy, mostly Primark, but never the less there was lace, and thongs and most importantly  it was matching!

When you become pregnant, the most important thing is comfort. I bought big granny pants. Lots of them. Cheap ones because I was only going to be in them 9 months right? WRONG!

I am now two years down the line since becoming pregnant and my drawers are full to the brim with big parachute pants. I’ve tried putting on those nice lacy ones that made me feel like a sex goddess, but instead I stand there trying get rid of a none existent wedgy that feels like it’s flossing my arse. An arse that’s still too big for those nice french knicker style you’re all thinking of suggesting to me.

I’m happy to embrace the Bridget Jones style for now. It fits in nicely with my general frump-on and leggings that stretch very nicely as I do. They also go nicely with my boulder holder bras that I still need at the moment.

I would like to start feeling a little less mumsy at some point, even in the underwear department. But for now I’m ok with sitting here in my pjs eating cheesecake.

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  1. This made me giggle, something that most mums can relate to for those first few years of motherhood

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