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With so much hype, exploitation and deception over the internet nowadays, it is really important to me that your experience of my journey within this blog is 100% authentic and honest. As part of this I am keeping a video diary (no matter how bad I am it). Through it is my promise to you to always be as honest and open as I can about my life, my feelings and the successes and failures I am going to be experiencing.

Gaining Perspective On Our Emotions

We sometimes get so caught up in our own emotions, our own ‘problems’ that we forget that there are real tragedies going on in the world. That’s not to say that our feelings aren’t important but in this video I talk a little bit about how we can all gain a little perspective.

Anxious Traveller. A weary hello from my noisy cold cell!

Travelling can be hard work, and when you’re tired and cold, the temptation to think wistfully of home is hard to resist Going Here. But that’s all part of the fun…isn’t it?

My Video On Mental Health Discrimination Got Shared!

I am absolutely buzzing that Facebook page Time to Change has shared my video on mental health discrimination! Check out their lovely post and site below. It’s had 400 shares! I’m overwhelmed! Thank you to everyone who found my site through them. I have received wonderful emails and have replied, but unsure that my emails are working properly so please know how much your words have meant to me,

Dani  xx

“You’re not anxious or depressed because you’re weak. How you feel isn’t abnormal or wrong just because it’s different…

Posted by Time to Change on Mental Illness Doesn’t Discriminate!

Vlog Diary Entry #7 – Self Employment Update

“One grain of rice can tip the scale.”

Here’s a little update on how I am finding life being self-employed…

I already feel successful because I am doing what I set out to do. To help people. It might not seem like a lot but I feel I’ve made more difference in these short 4 months, than in my entire career previously. Thank you for fighting this fight with me. xx

More videos:

I Survived…


An ambiguous statement, but true. I’ve survived suicide attempts (both my own and that of family members), self-harm, domestic abuse of a parent, depression, anxiety, bulimia and more.

I remember feeling so alone and like a freak for being different to everybody else. I founded The Unmarked Road to share my story, in hope it gives comfort to those going through hard times and struggling with their thoughts and emotions.

Your past does not have to define your future.

No matter how dark things appear, there is always a light. I know this because I have come out the other side of some of the deepest depth of despair imaginable.

Through sharing our experiences, we can end the stigma of mental health together. I welcome all of you to share your stories with me.

Dani xx

Vlog Diary Entry #6 – I’m Not Good Enough?

“Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean you have to act on it and it doesn’t mean it’s reality”

Sometimes feelings of “I’m not good enough”, can overwhelm me. Like today 🙁 It’s good to talk feelings out. To not give them ultimate power over you. But it’s also ok to have a down day. I won’t feel guilty for it and hope that this diary entry today will show that there’s no shame in feeling inadequate. Because at some point we all feel that way.


Vlog Diary Entry #5 – Letting Go Of Anger

Well it was about time for another video diary! Like writing, I can’t force them so I’m sorry it’s taken such a long time for me to post another.

Last week was so stressful that I felt myself shutting down. My body and mind does this to protect itself and until I am able to process what is happening in my own time, if I am pushed and forced out of that ‘quiet’ state for example, I get angry.

In this video I talk about what has caused this anger, such as my need to people please, and also how I deal with it so it doesn’t control me or do any damage to myself in the way it used to.

Thank you for watching 🙂

More videos:

WARNING: This video goes into detail about self-harm and attempted suicide. While it is not a negative video, it may make some people uncomfortable so please watch at your own risk. 

This was a difficult one to record. I fought hard again the impulse to press the stop button at any time! I have previously spoken about my issues with self-harm, but in this video I talk about the darkest time in my life.  My suicide attempt. Please be respectful.

Vlog Diary Entry #3 – Social Anxiety

A few weeks ago I went to a free seminar about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I really enjoyed it and came away rejuvenated! However the day before and on the actual day was another story…

Vlog Diary Entry #2 – Becoming Self-Employed. Where To Start?

A much better effort from the first video! My vow is to give an authentic and real experience into myself and my journey so I don’t re-shoot my vlogs, so please bear with me while I get this thing sussed!

For more detailed information on the things mentioned in this vlog, please go to the Design Your Life section of my site.
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