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What Pregnancy Has Taught Me About Alcohol And Social Anxiety

Last Friday we went to my husband’s best friend’s wedding. It was something I was really looking forward to as after weeks of feeling quite frumpy and generally ‘pregnant’, it was a chance to dress up a little and spend some time dancing the night away with my hubby. The fact I’d managed to get a super cheap dress from Primarni too, just added to my excitement (yes, saving money really does make me that happy). What I hadn’t really considered however was how my social anxiety and general shyness would be affected without having that little bit of Dutch courage to fall back on.


Primary Wedding Outfit

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The 3 Minute Memoirs – Do You Get Anxious When Strangers Speak To You?

OMG a stranger spoke to me today! I had to fight my instinct to just scream and run far far away like a crazy person!

I’m actually quite overexcited in this video so I hope it cheers you all up if you’re having not such a good day 🙂 <3

The 3 Minute Memoirs – The Physical Effects of Social Anxiety

You may have noticed my incredibly nervous demeanour in my last 3 minute memoir. Or, like most people you won’t have seen the hurricane going on inside of me that I was trying to hide behind a ‘calm’ exterior.

People are astonished when I tell them that I suffer with anxiety. They have no idea the turmoil going on inside and how much energy is spent on fighting the instinct of running away and hiding! I can only explain it as being on a high energy frequency – a very nervous and unsettling one. It’s like I’m vibrating. I feel vulnerable and exposed like everyone will see how transparent I am. The fear of not knowing what to say or how to act, dominates my behaviour.

I’m sorry for my rather dishevelled appearance and my rather slow speech in this video. You can see the physical side effects that social anxiety has on me. People don’t realise how much energy the body is using up when in a state of anxiousness, but I hope there’s some comfort in knowing that there are many of us out there that suffer. We are not alone. xx

Vlog Diary Entry #3 – Social Anxiety

A few weeks ago I went to a free seminar about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I really enjoyed it and came away rejuvenated! However the day before and on the actual day was another story…

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