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What Do You Love About Yourself?

I’m sure most people can relate to this: when I look in the mirror, I see a mishmash of imperfections. The image staring back at me has big thighs, a crooked nose, small eyes and a pot belly (something resembling Roger the alien from American Dad). But what if we didn’t see those things we dislike? What if we saw the good things? What if instead I focused on my long blonde hair, my slim high waist and my reasonably straight teeth? In fact, if I was to be critic free, I’d say I like my feet and my slim ankles too!


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Never Be A Victim Of Your Circumstances!

For a long time I did not love myself. And it affected EVERY aspect of my life.

It affected the successes (and mostly failures) of all my relationships – romantic and other – it destroyed my confidence and pretty much made me cower back from life. I simply existed; like a ghost not being part of the living.

When you live in fear of everything you do and the consequences of your existence, you do not truly live.

Every chance of happiness, I destroyed for being undeserving.

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