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Do you want to redesign your life? A life so extraordinary, you daren’t even let yourself imagine the possibilities of all you can achieve, all you have within yourself? This page will showcase my own journey of discovering if and how I will create a future that’s 100% tailored by me. A ‘no compromises’ kind of life.

Why I Hate Housework. And You Should Too!

I woke up this morning and knew it was time. I felt it in the pit of my stomach as I brushed my teeth, the niggling voices in my head before I’d even finished my wee; I couldn’t ignore them any longer.

It was time to clean the house.

As I pulled out my last pair of pants, I realised the quick wipe around the sink with loo roll after a hot steamy shower, was no longer sufficient (yes I’m THAT girl). Nor could I ignore the lack of clothes in my cupboards, or the dust around the skirting boards (they were always that dark murky colour, weren’t they?)


I loathe housework. But since I now financially rely solely on my wonderful husband, I decided that I would make sure to ‘earn my keep’ as it were. I would clean, do the food shop, do all the washing and washing up (translation; load the dishwasher), and sometimes cook. If I feel like it I might even hoover! I will not be dusting. I don’t know why, but there is no sense of fulfilment from dusting.

To feel motivated to do anything, I want to feel at least satisfied afterwards! If I cook, I want to eat the meal, when I make the bed, I can get into crisp clean sheets after a shower. The effort somewhat redeems itself right? Not with dusting. So I’ll just leave that to the Mr. It’s not like I’m an actual housewife!

And don’t get me started on ironing! I never iron, ANYTHING, and as far as I am aware no one has ever thought I looked like a crumpled up tissue. I’d appreciate those who have a love for this inane practice (ahem ahem you know who you are) would enlighten me as to the point? One car journey, or even a mere gust of wind, and all your hard work is undone. And those who iron underwear… breathe Dani.

Before I met my better-half, I didn’t own an iron, and I would use my hair straighteners if anything did look a little creased (usually last minute before a night out), or hang up clothes in the bathroom while taking a long hot steaming shower….hang on, there’s a pattern here.

But I have a general gripe with housecleaning anyway. When undertaking a new challenge or even when just completing a small task, I feel I am moving in a direction, be it forwards or sidewards, or even backwards – I’m still moving! When I write a post or an article, it’s an accomplishment and I feel satisfied that I have completed something that will improve my life in some way. Something I am proud of. I’m not sure how many I would write if I had to do the same ones over and over again. It would feel pointless and exasperating!

When I am cleaning, I know in a few weeks time I will be having to do the same thing, in exactly the same way, all, over, again. There is no increased experience or new insight (although learning that Cillit Bang may be used for more than shining up old pennies may be considered a breakthrough).

It might sound haughty, but if hubby and I ever have enough disposable income, a cleaner will be the first thing I will invest in. And I’m in no way ashamed of saying so! In fact I’m going to save this article in the Design Your Life section; that’s how strongly I feel about it.

At the end of the day I have more important things to do…like…um…you know, actually living!

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How To Feel More Motivated Right Now! – Meditation

One of the hardest things about being self-employed is to feel motivated. In the past few weeks I’ve found it hard to work on my blog because I am keen to get the book done, but through tiredness, headaches and sickness, motivating myself at all feels near impossible at times!

To combat this I do this guided mediation on motivation and thought I’d share it as I found it particularly helpful.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not wait to feel motivated, motivation will come when you take action. Visualise the end result, how it will feel and let that be your driving force.

Have a great day 🙂

How do you handle adversity? Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?

I read something today and wanted share it with you all as its something I strongly believe, and this is just THE perfect metaphor!

She Tells Her Grandma That She’s Just Been Cheated On So Grandma Tells Her To Do This

The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; you can’t go forward in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.

I come across many people, bitter people who count other people’s blessings instead of their own and drown in envy. People who blame their circumstances for a crappy life even though these are usually the ones who have their health, family, food and shelter.

I also meet many grateful, happy and positive people. People who have lived through real adversity and hardship. Some who have nothing in comparison to others but are grateful for the love and joy in everyday life.

So which are you?

Your circumstances don’t determine what your life looks like, but how you react to them does.

How Important Is Money To You?

When The Beatles released their 6th British single ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ in 1964, the lyrics encompassed the very essence of the 60s. Followed by ‘All You Need Is Love’ in 1967, the idea of being able to achieve happiness solely through love was, and still is, one adopted by millions all over the World. It is an ideal that I would love to be able to believe in…were I to live in the magical land of pixies and elves.

I’m not sure that The Beatles ever had to ‘care too much for money’, but currently finding myself with a bit of time to think about life, love and the Universe, I have started asking myself some rather profound questions. ‘What do I really want and what of that do I want solely because it is part of my upbringing in Western civilisation?’ ‘Are the things we deem important such as security, money, power etc, only as important as we allow them to be?’

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Taking Responsibility For Our Reactions

We often get upset or offended by things other people say to us. Sometimes it’s justified, but sometimes we overreact, which says more about our own insecurities than about the offender’s intentions. In fact if we’re completely honest with ourselves, more often than not do we attach all kinds of hidden meanings and ulterior motives to the thing that has offended us, and rather than take responsibility and ownership of the arising negative emotion, we feel victimised and lash out externally. We project whatever insecurity has been stirred within us, on to the sometimes innocent offender .

I was once someone like that. I felt like bad things and bad people were happening to me. I blamed others for making me feel in a negative way because of things they said or did to me. And it felt like this was happening ALL THE TIME. But it was out of my control right?

Well I got sick of wallowing in self-pity, no matter how justified my feelings were, and so I started to look at the common denominator; and it was me. I decided I no longer wanted to be a victim. I wanted more say over my life and how I was feeling over the things I had no control over. Blaming others for how I felt may have been easier, but it wasn’t making me happy, and I realised I needed to start taking more responsibility for  myself. I knew  I couldn’t control what people said or did to me, so what could I do?

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100 Happy Days – Day 5

Happy day 5. A fun and chilled day with these guys at my sisters and brother in laws. Look at these posers!

100 Happy Days – Day 4!

Happy day 4. Evening with one of my nearest and dearest who cheered me up immensely when she sent me this me lovely pic when I was ill last week. Love seeing her and catching up!


6 Easy Ways To Get Healthy Right Now!

As promised, I will be sharing my healthy living guide with you for the next 4 weeks. This is not just going to be about what I am eating, but also about busting some myths about food that are currently going around, as well as sharing all round general health tips. Having a healthy body and mind is not just about food and exercise, there are many other things you can do!

Now as you know, I am not one for hitting the gym or restricting myself to eating only raw vegan food! However there is something everyone can do to generally improving their health just by making small manageable changes. Remember, it’s all about elephant sandwiches 😉 (basically, you would never be able to eat a whole elephant! So break it down into bitesize pieces!).

I challenge you to make one positive change a day. Here are some examples of what you can start to introduce into your life over the next 4 weeks.

Imagine how different your life could be in 4 weeks if you introduce just 1 new habit every day?  Continue reading

100 Happy Days – Day 3!

Happy Day 3! Find out why this dress (and everything else today!) made me happy in my 3 Minute Memoir which will be posted shortly 🙂


100 Happy Days – Day 2!

Day 2 and today I’ve been super happy about the sunshine and being able to work outside!

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