When I made the decision to fly over to see my family in Germany on my own with a toddler for a week, Ethan was going through a particularly lovely stage. He was sleeping 4 hours at a time, playing independently for many minutes at a time, and generally being a delight.

Then a week before we were due to fly out, someone swapped my lovely sweet baby, with a formidable, belligerent and tantruming toddler, who thought trying to kick the cat or unearth all the plant pots was a perfectly reasonable way to pass the time.

It’s ok, I thought naively. Let him get it out-of-the-way for a few weeks, and he’ll be a dream while away.

Not quite.

In fact, not at all.

As our trip drew ever nearer, this new phase of dictatorship did not bode well for the journey ahead. But I’m still here to tell the tale (psychotherapist on speed dial).

So here are my tips on how to fly alone with a toddler:

My little angel enjoying his Brezel (of course he ate nothing else while there being the high maintenance child that he is)

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