It’s been a while since I have posted anything, and more than anything, it’s been a while since I have wanted to. Not only am I completely physically and emotionally shattered from my now nearly 6 month old baby boy, but I haven’t had any real inspiration. That’s not to say my life right now doesn’t inspire me. It does, on so many levels that I can’t quite comprehend myself yet.

But for reasons I can’t quite fathom myself, my inner voice – the one from which I write – abandoned me. Be it pregnancy hormones and then baby hormones; even when the desire to write may have struck, the ability was somehow lacking to it’s usual standard. I felt like whatever I wrote was, for lack of a better word, crap.

I have read old articles and posts of mine and am amazed I had the ability to be so articulate, so insightful. But if it was there once it will be there again, or so I hope!

And it appears that the light switch has suddenly been turned back on. A couple of days ago, the thought of coming on here and writing didn’t fill me with fear and guilt of having not written for so long. The feeling I have now is motivation and a desire to do it again.

As you may know if you have followed me for over a year, there is a book in the pipeline. This is a book that will potentially take years due to the amount of research that will need to go into it. Think Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games.

But there is a second book. A story that I should have been telling all along, right from the start. A story of loss, fear, adventure, love, and a happily ever after. A story that’s true. A journey that’s my own.

All of a sudden it is this story I want to sit down and write. It’s this story I want to tell more than any other and that has got the creative juices flowing once more. Like an old friend getting in touch after years apart, I feel the inspiration seep back into my being and for the first time in a long time I’m excited by the concept of writing again.

There is one other thing that has become an important part of my journey as a mother. This is something that will be separate to my blog but feel important to mention, because life is like that isn’t it? It throws you curve balls that you can either put away in the back of your mind as a bad experience, or you can use as a way of helping others in shining  a bright light on to it. And that’s what I want to do, so watch this space.

To all my loyal followers, thank you for sticking with me. I promise the ride is going to get more exciting and fun 😉