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Month: October 2015

Do You Get Labeled By Others?

I often find people who don’t know me put me in boxes. ‘Dumb Blonde’, ‘Posh Girl’, being just two stereotypes I often have to fight against! But when I left my job and started to make my own way down The Unmarked Road, those same people couldn’t cope with the mirror I held up to their own boxes that they trapped themselves in, and instead new names were assigned to me. ‘Reckless’, ‘Dreamer’, ‘Irresponsible’. I am PROUD to be an outside the box type of person! To see where a life without labels can lead.

Are there any boxes people put you in? Which ones do you fight against more? What is it you would rather have people notice about you?

Thank You For Sticking With Me

Just a little post to say a huge thank you for everyone who continues to follow this site and to those who have offered so much support. I know it’s been a bit quiet of late because I have been away. But you’ll be pleased to hear I am back with my beloved macbook and am able to get back into writing a bit more again! It’s meant a lot to me that you are still here with me, accompanying me on this journey.

All my love

Dani xx

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