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My ‘Whiny’ Mental Health Blog: A Letter To My Favourite Troll

As many of us know, there’s a huge stigma when it comes to mental illness and discussing sometimes difficult emotions. Those who’ve seen my posts will know the problems I faced; I self-harmed, was diagnosed with depression and eventually tried to take my own life.

In all honesty it was just a bit shit really. No one understood or wanted to know because it would make their uncomplicated happy little existence uncomfortable. And so, like many who suffer, I suffered alone and in silence.

Well I’m proud to say I’m not that person anymore. I don’t have the uncontrollable desire to hurt myself or punish myself. And so I stared a blog about mental illness, dealing my experiences and giving support and advice on how I conquered my demons. Something I wish I’d had 15 years ago.

So imagine my shock and surprise when, on the mental health part of reddit no less, a place where people should be able to come for support and non-judgemental advice, one rather eloquent and wonderful member called my blog ‘whiny’ and nothing but ‘teen angst’.

While my initial reaction wasn’t great – you don’t come away from years of self-hate unscathed – it dawned on me the sheer irony of this comment and that this kind of attitude is exactly the problem. Because many don’t feel they or their feelings are important enough to be taken seriously. Because it’s just ‘teen angst’ and people’s general view point is to ‘just get over it’.

Which for those of who have truly suffered know isn’t that simple.

Because what might seem like a very small problem to the outside world, can eat us alive from the inside out until there is nothing of ourselves left but a hollow place where our souls used to be.

So thank you to the commenter who proved exactly why it’s so important  to carry on with my ‘whiny’ mental health blog, to not stop talking about these issues. To never stop fighting against the discrimination.


  1. sorry about the bad experience dani. i hope you are alright.

    • Dani

      June 17, 2015 at 1:54 pm

      Hi Dan! So nice to hear from you again. It wasn’t very nice to be honest. Had a little cry but turned it into something positive I think by writing this post and doing a video. How are you?

      • Yea that was real mean. I am glad a positive came from it. You have to try to ignore people like that. But I can’t either sometimes and am real sensitive. Glad you did a blog and video to help. I haven’t been well lol the hits keep on coming. I got sick now with bronchitis but I have still been writing my stories which has helped keep my spirits up as this illness is viral you just have to soldier on until it runs its course.

        • Dani

          June 17, 2015 at 2:04 pm

          Yeh I can be super sensitive. Sorry to hear that you’re ill 🙁 I had the exact same thing a few weeks ago and it was horrible, but like you said, nothing to do but soldier on! Sending you lots of good wishes.

          • Yea there is deff a lot going around. The waiting room was loaded. I had to wait three hours to see a dr a couple days ago but the positive I went right away when I knew I was getting bad. It’s already been like two days so in 7-10 days I should be all better. I must be not too bad if I can write still but I have been staying in bed all day. Getting the rest. Thanks for the wishes hopefully in two days i will be doing better if not calling the dr again.

  2. Don’t let some internet Rambo get you down, screw him, you are in a much better place now. Some people are so miserable they only want the rest of the world to join them so they don’t feel alone.

    • Dani

      June 17, 2015 at 2:57 pm

      Thank you for commenting Gary. I’m trying my best not to let it get me down today and the love and support on this blog really does help 🙂 Hope you’re having good day!

  3. Never let some internet troll get to you. You are doing fine and important work with your blog.

    • Dani

      June 17, 2015 at 9:08 pm

      Thank you for the kind words. I know I shouldn’t let people get to me. Caught me on a bad day I think 🙁

  4. Great response. I can’t help but wonder if that troll was speaking from her/his own particular illness, albeit perhaps undiagnosed. I relate to your experience and I appreciate your candor. 🙂

  5. Lets face it, people who try to slap you down because you are being bluntly honest about your condition and the way you feel it and see it (even if objectively speaking, you may have been in a much better condition than seriously depressed people who need to be committed to a mental health facility in order not to harm themselves) – basically it isn’t important how the world sees you but how you feel because that is the reality YOU have to live with. These people are probably much worse off than you because they will realise they also feel what YOU talk about without fear or the famous and, oh, so stupendously debilitating ‘stiff upper lip’, and they are too scared to admit even to themselves that they may suffer exactly the same problems and ‘angst’ (which btw. isn’t a teenage thing, it is simply the German word for fear and used by mental health professionals to differentiate between the fear of being run over by a car – not a mental health issue – and the fear of facing life’s hurdles and traps – definitely a mental health matter), which you have been talking about and laying open for others to recognise as being something that can be overcome. They, however, don’t have the courage and honesty to admit that they, too, suffer and in their ‘angst’ they attack you as the only way they can prevent having to face up to their own problems and the very thing they fear in themselves.

    These people are rather sad losers and you must never let them get to you because by their very actions they demean themselves and show themselves up for the cowards and self-negating fools they are. Lashing out at others is their way of dealing with their own problems. Pity them and move forward. Do NOT let them discourage you for you have proof enough that your blog touches many peoples’ hearts, some as you found out that come to you to do a completely unrelated job for you and mention that they read your blog as they or a relative suffer from some of your problems. That alone should show you that the troll who whinged about your blog is just a sad human being who can’t be helped. There will be others so never let them get you down!

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