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We Are In A Time Of Desperation

We are in a time of desperation. Everything we know is slipping away from us and our national identity being stripped from us. We are signing treaties that seem a complete detriment to us while benefiting our so called ‘allies’. Why won’t our government do anything to help? Why won’t they fight those that are putting us into this time of fear of an attack on our country?  The papers are full with stories that say we’re being infiltrated with outsiders who say that our country is no longer our own, and the languages spoken in the streets are ones I cannot understand. We are being threatened for our livelihoods as our economy gets sucked dry by those who have no right to be here. There is so much fear and anger among my nearest and dearest. Why is no one helping us?

Today someone stood up and spoke passionately about my country. I could not stop myself from listening. It was like hope breaking through a never ending cloud of poverty and doubt for my children’s future. He promised to make our lives ours again. To give the country back to those who it belonged to and we no longer have to pay the price of other’s mistakes. He speaks of a movement within our country that will unite us. Make us strong again. I feel like I can believe in something again. Like we, as a nation, have come together in the face of austerity, and can get our country back to being a land we can call home.

He says he’s heading up an army that will help exact the change that this country is crying out for. So that we can defend ourselves! They are coming to my town tomorrow and I implore my son to join the cause. This surely is worth getting involved with? This new movement is for our people and has our best interests at the heart of it. I cannot think of a better way to show the love for my country and to feel proud again; not hide behind political correctness.

They have promised to give us back our country. Finally we are fighting back! And such a powerful yet unaggressive name: The National Socialists.

We all know what happened next.

Eiffel Tower Peace Symbol

Love and prayers to all those effected in the latest terror attacks in Paris. You are in our hearts during this unbelievably horrific time. <3


  1. the solution will only be when we rise as one and remove our governments who fund , back and create these enemies and then through the medium of the controlled mainstream media make us all scared to the point where we will accept there draconian measures, wake up world

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