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Ok, I Get The Message!

About a month ago I changed my site around to having a proper homepage and my blog posts within the ‘blog’ header. It appears I may have made a mistake!

April has been truly awful in terms of stats. I’m too embarrassed to even tell you how low the average number of views has been.

It’s a bit disheartening of course, but I’m not one to take it lying down! I WILL get my site out there, whether people want it to or not 😉

Thank you to all those who do continuously visit. You are noticed and much loved <3

Dani xx


  1. You may want to reschedule your posts.. It helps to reschedule uhm from time to time on specific hours when there are a lot of people online. The reader doesn’t show all the posts made. 🙁

  2. In the menu at the top is it possible to have an entry to show all your blogs in a chronological order so that we can click on each blog and work our way up from the beginning? We can then go back to the one we were on when we come back?

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