Last night we went to our first NCT antenatal class. We literally had no idea what to expect and I have to say I was a little anxious about meeting loads of new people. But mainly I was excited as meeting new expectant parents was one of the main reasons we joined up!

While my natural curiosity and research nerdiness meant there was a very real chance of me doing a Monica and answering ALL the questions that our teacher would be asking, and even trying to take over the class, I genuinely felt there was information that really benefited us as first time parents. It was also nice to do something with Mr J and to have him more involved in pregnancy related matters. It was rather fun to watch the men try and figure out where the placenta was on the drawing of a pregnant women and have them bond over general new-dad syndrome.

And I soon got over the embarrassment of my husband shouting and pointing out that he knew which part the ‘breasts’ were, to which I responded;

“Very good dear, because if you didn’t, I can guarantee you we wouldn’t be in this situation now!”