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My Week Of Swimming

As part of my general fitness but also to make my pregnancy and labour easier in July, I’ve joined my local pool and intend on swimming 5 days a week, mainly in the mornings software task management.

So how did last week go?


I forgot my towel. They didn’t hire them out and my plan of buying one in the local JD Sports failed. But I did officially sign up (and for half price too!) and managed to buy a new swimming costume that didn’t make me look and feel like a Weeble! Result(ish)


Managed to get my sister 5 free passes so went swimming with her and my adorable niece. I did some minor league swimming but enough for a good start!


Early morning 8am, half an hour proper swim! Yes! This was awesome. I felt like a new me. A better me. A healthier me. Apart from the BLT. And the cake. Yeh maybe I shouldn’t have eaten the cake as well.


Another day for a family swim. Only I forgot my goggles. And pants…


I’m such an eager beaver I forget there’s water polo unit 8.30 and have to wait to go in! But I get my full swim in and am home by 9.30. Crisp sandwich doesn’t count does it?

So there you have it. An eventful week, but I can honestly say I feel fantastic. My diet needs a bit more work, granted, but the cravings and exercise induced hunger are hard to conquer!

I will keep you informed of my progress.

Dani xx


  1. Are you getting toned up for the Olympic games in Rio? Just kidding sounds like you got a plan on this whole “having a baby” thing.

    • Dani

      February 1, 2016 at 9:05 pm

      Haha if I am I’ll not finish a lap before the end! I take it very gently. Having the baby is one thing. Having a child at the end of the pregnancy…haven’t figured out that one yet

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