Do you have a story about mental health you would like to share because you believe it could help others? Would you like the opportunity to make a difference? Whatever your experience, someone, somewhere, can identify with YOU. And I invite each and everyone of you to come and join me in the fight against mental health stigma by sharing your stories! YOUR mental health story could help others!


For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you know rather a lot about me! I have shared some of my most personal and disturbing experiences on this site, such as my suicide attempt, my self-harming and my general struggle with anxiety. Hopefully what has come across from all this is that I am passionate about helping people who maybe suffer with similar emotions or experiences as I have, to help them see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That there can be another way and that your past does not have to define your future.

Now I know that every experience is unique and not everything I have written or spoken about will resonate with everyone who visits my page. I also know that there are many, many more mental illnesses with which I have no experience with and therefore there are still too many people suffering in silence, feeling ‘different’ and scared of what the future holds for them. The continued ignorance surrounding mental health, inspite of organisations such as Mind and more recently the awesome Time To Change, astounds me. More so now than when I started The Unmarked Road earlier this year.

And so in my never ending quest and desire to do my bit in ending the stigma, I would like to invite you to come and do the same by sharing your story.

It can be literally anything in relation to mental hearth, directly or indirectly related. Past or present. I don’t want anyone to not write to me simply because they don’t feel their story is serious enough for example. There is no story that won’t resonate with someone, somewhere. YOU can help them feel less alone. YOU could give them the strength to carry on fighting or to seek help. YOU can inspire hope.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, please contact me either through my contact page, email at or even message me through my Facebook page.

Together we are stronger. Together we can make the changes we want to see.