Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all a bit more tolerant toward each other? We are all guilty of judging others at times. We criticise people’s behaviour, their beliefs and their choices, usually because we don’t understand them or they’re different to ours. But who are we to look down on them?

It’s ok to not agree with others, to not always empathise with a situation. We are born to be unique and different! But there’s never a need to think we’re above somebody else or to lecture, because we each of us experience life differently. 

If you can’t support someone, at least don’t be unkind. Just because something is different, does not make it wrong. 

So let’s practice love, generosity and praise today. Be a support to those around us. I challenge all of us to make the choice to build people up instead of breaking them down. To highlight the good instead of the bad. There are enough critics out in the world already #bethechange