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  1. Make sure you drink lots of water you look pooped. I hear you on the exercise I had done six weeks straight of solid basketball then I just wore myself out. I go out on walks but I try to focus more on my diet because I am not in the best shape. Exercise is good for anxiety. Sometimes you just have to find the right kind of exercise for you like a bike or something that isn’t that strenuous like you say.

    • Sorry I have not replied to this! you’re very right and I love to go for walks and bike rides. I’ve just been ill all weekend so I think I was pale because I was about to get poorly! How you’re had a better weekend x

      • no worries sorry to hear you have been sick hope you feel better soon. my mom is sick i hope i dont catch what she has. my weekend was good but busy wrote a lot of stories. 4 of them. tired me out.

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