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Vlog Diary Entry #3 – Social Anxiety

A few weeks ago I went to a free seminar about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I really enjoyed it and came away rejuvenated! However the day before and on the actual day was another story…


  1. Great post! I also struggle with social anxiety sometimes. My Bipolar Disorder causes me to go on highs and get manic where i can be very comfortable getting to know people and being open other times its very scary. I had to go see my doctor and I had to catch a bus home and it was around a very crowded place with people everywhere scared me. Other times I would get scared of people when I went on walks. Yea I don’t have everything figured out yet but I got three goals and I hope to reach them all this year. It would be nice to get paid to be a writer if not a part time job to start is a good way to start to build on.

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂 I wish all the best of luck with your goals! It’s ok not to have everything figured out. In fact I feel less and less like I know what I’m doing haha! Trick is to keep moving, no matter where that is. x

      • Yea patience is also key. You got to work at on one thing at a time. And goals take time. I think I will reach them. I got a whole year to achieve them. Like you say keep moving and things will fall into place.

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