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The 3 Minute Memoirs – Why Shopping Makes Me Anxious

I’m going shopping today, something I don’t really enjoy and yet am really looking forward to! Watch my new 3 minute memoir to find out why.

P.S. Please excuse the horrendous mess in the background! I’m in the middle of a big spring clean (honest!)


  1. Pictuuures! Pictures of your purchases!

    No, seriously. Shopping sucks but excites at the same time. Why. Why is it a double edged blade! :'(

    • It is! Today was hard but I promise to take pictures tomorrow 🙂 xx

      • Ok. You’ll be fine! It’s just going to suck big time. What helped me is using a list and making a beeline to the things I need. The less time in the shop, the better. Now.. I’m almost just as bad as everyone else. 🙁

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