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Vlog Diary Entry #5 – Letting Go Of Anger

Well it was about time for another video diary! Like writing, I can’t force them so I’m sorry it’s taken such a long time for me to post another.

Last week was so stressful that I felt myself shutting down. My body and mind does this to protect itself and until I am able to process what is happening in my own time, if I am pushed and forced out of that ‘quiet’ state for example, I get angry.

In this video I talk about what has caused this anger, such as my need to people please, and also how I deal with it so it doesn’t control me or do any damage to myself in the way it used to.

Thank you for watching 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing this advice. Yes, it can be extremely hard to let go of anger. And it is always useful to not react in anger. It is also good avice to feel the anger and not suppress it.
    I’ve found that once the anger is felt fully , there can be another emotion below it. What this emotion is , is different for every person. In my case, below anger was sadness. And below sadness was fear. I was surprised to find layers of emotions , like in an onion.
    And once these emotions are felt, then I try to let them go. The anger as well as the underlying sadness. And then I try to return to inner peace. This is the peace of the witness place. I’ve found that this inner peace is where the miracles happen. Just deciding to rest there somehow miraculously causes the outer world to rearrange itself, and suiddenly things fall into place.
    Wedding preparation is an intense time. I wish you all the best.

    • Thank you Karin. Such great advice. I won’t let anyone compromise my inner peace! It has taken me long enough to find haha. Hope you have a great day today 🙂 xx

  2. Crying is a great thing to use to tackle emotionally charged situations! It can be as good as a session with a counselor. It isn’t a sign of weakness it is a way the body gets rid of chemicals in the brain which are battering you. It doesn’t matter what it is , if you feel you are going to break if you can’t cry – cry!

  3. Great post Dani! I’ve dealt with a lot this year and last year. I had a conflict with my friend where I was real angry and I had to stand up for myself. I exploded with anger and afterwards I felt better. I knew the dangers of that was losing a friend. I was proud of myself. We both got over it in less than a week and we are back to great friends and I write her stories. I have recently been dealing with anger caused from Diabetes, Celiacs Disease and family stress. When you have toxic family members around you attacking you that builds anger but I just don’t pay attention. What angers me is my Celiacs Disease causes my Diabetes to worsen because Celiac food is high in sugar. I am still working on finding the right foods but I will and when Spring comes I can exercise more. I think the Diabetes has been stressful to deal with. I think I am going to just calm and relax and just realize I can fix the problem working with my nutritionist. It may take a little time but that problem should be fixed. It’s hard to manage anger when you are really stressed. Hope you feel better soon!

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