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I Survived…


An ambiguous statement, but true. I’ve survived suicide attempts (both my own and that of family members), self-harm, domestic abuse of a parent, depression, anxiety, bulimia and more.

I remember feeling so alone and like a freak for being different to everybody else. I founded The Unmarked Road to share my story, in hope it gives comfort to those going through hard times and struggling with their thoughts and emotions.

Your past does not have to define your future.

No matter how dark things appear, there is always a light. I know this because I have come out the other side of some of the deepest depth of despair imaginable.

Through sharing our experiences, we can end the stigma of mental health together. I welcome all of you to share your stories with me.

Dani xx

Anxiety Over Finding Your Soul Purpose?

I constantly stress over finding my soul purpose. I’m anxious over whether I’m doing the right thing, in which direction to turn next… I know there are many of us who feel this way.

Today I picked up my angel cards for the first time in a long time. As some of you know, I am in the midst of my spiritual awakening, and so I asked the Angels for help. 

I randomly picked Raguel: The guardian angel if spiritual perception, and thought I’d share with you his message as it could not be more poignant.   

 “You don’t need to find your soul purpose, for it will find you.”

Have a great day everyone xx

Spring Has Sprung!

Hen party over, American friends moved on; time to get back to work! Today is planning day. I’ve spoken before about nature being my therapy so I took the opportunity with the weather being so gorgeous, to go for walk and enjoy some natural sun recharge. Spring has finally started! Enjoy the pics 🙂 xx








The 3 Minute Memoirs – My Hen

Want to know what dares I had to play? No joke, I thought one guy was going to hit me…

My Hen – More Pics!

Hello lovely readers! As you will have seen from my earlier hen post, I was in the full swing of things on Saturday night! I thought Id share a few more pics with you 🙂


My outfit from Missguided for my surprise meal with my friends on the Friday night.


The amazing surprise Spa – perfect for chilling before night time shenanigans!


My outfit for the night out in Nottingham. I wore black while all my hens wore white. This dress was also bought for me which I adore! Also from Missguided (of course)


In this game I had to answer questions about my fiancé. If I got it right I drank one, if I got it wrong I drank two…hang on. Think I may have gotten stitched up here!


So this game involved two groups in which a wedding dress had to be made out of loo roll. My group didn’t win…


Hooters fun!


Really enjoyed the club we were in although I had eaten far to much at Hooters! 

All in all I had a wonderful few days 🙂

I have 700 emails to catch up on so please bear with me while I make my way through them! I also have some lovely American friends visiting so it may take me a little longer than usual but I will respond to emails/comments etc soon 🙂

Dani xx



The 3 Minute Memoirs – My Face Will Scare You!

I warn you in advance, it’s a bit scary!

Woot Woot! It’s My Birthday!

Love this! I am excited about getting older and all life has to offer in my 30s. Life is a gift <3

Thank you! – New Milestone

Today I have hit a new milestone, not just on my blog but on my Facebook page too! I like to use these as a way to say thank you to everyone who continues to show such wonderful support. I hope you all know how much it means and that every like, every comment, is noticed and appreciated.

Thank you <3

Dani xx


Why I Don’t Share My Stats

Bullying – At School

And so the A-Z memoirs continue! A few weeks ago I wrote about how, as children, we try to figure out what is sociably acceptable and how to fit in with our peers. Bullying at school is one of the biggest issues we face today as a society, and with the growing number of methods such as social media used to target youngsters, it is more difficult than ever to find a place to feel safe and protected.

I did not fit in at school (who did right?). But while most non-popular kids blended into the background as part of a defence tactic, I somehow managed to make myself an easy target.

I may have been ridiculously shy, awkward, insecure and anxious, but I was argumentative and stubborn in my beliefs to go with it. Answering back to those who I felt were treating others unfairly, be it to me or someone else, was not ok for someone on my (un)popularity scale. If I heard or saw something I didn’t agree with, I would speak up.

But I had none of the vocabulary to do so eloquently, or even convincingly, and often I wished I had just kept my mouth shut, as I eventually got cut down to size and bullied into submission by those more assured than myself.

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